Thank you! had a Zoom hangout today, Sunday, at 8:00 PM Paris time (11:00 AM California).

Thank you Perizat for hosting!

So precious, wonderful, insightful and heartwarming to sit in the company of human beings who are dedicated to the truth — that which never changes: Awareness, here and now.

Thank you also to Gautam Sachdeva; his live Satsang started at 5:00 AM (California time), today with Spanish translations by Michael Maxwell.

So amazing!
So much opening, light, insight, inner space, while the world is entertaining fear, faulty thinking…

Someone today mentioned relationships…
Mooji talked about it today as well.

And then to remember Roger Castillo:
Whatever we talk about are concepts…
The person lusts for prescriptions, but what might be delivered are descriptions that can be much more potent by bypassing the egoic ‘doer’.

Universal Love Makes ‘You’ Universal


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