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Adagio – Johann Sebastian Bach

Thank you Oksana, for this beautiful piece/peace.

Thank you Walter, Priyam, Grace for our Zoom (while I got Oksana’s message with the music).

Like being in love with Love, most in-team, without the burden of making things personal; and if things seem so personal we can just relax again…


Your Body’s Molecular Machines

“These are the molecular machines inside your body that make cell division possible. Animation by Drew Berry at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.”


How you sink about yourself

“In this lovely little 5 minute video, a questioner says that she feels she has visited that place of origin within her, but then at the slightest provocation, her EMOTIONS can bring her back to identify as the mind. Francis explains that one must think of their body as an instrument, rather than our personal identity…”


Mooji: What Is the Best Way to Start the Day?

“Just be aware of the sense of being, it is not personal.

Of all habits this is going to be the most fruitful, the most delivering. And this habit becomes integrated in your being.

The more you try this, the better it gets!”


Clair de lune – Debussy (guitare)

“If you don’t have some acquaintance with the guitar, you have no way of knowing how good this is. Wonderfully emotional. I need a cigarette and I don’t even smoke!”