Krishnamurti: Quiet Mind?

Questioner: How am I to have a quiet mind?⠀

Krishnamurti: You don’t see the truth that only a quiet mind sees. How to get a quiet mind doesn’t arise. It is the truth that the mind must be quiet, and seeing the truth of this frees the mind from chattering.

Perception, which is intelligence, is then operating, not the assumption that you must be silent in order to see. Assumption can also operate but that is a partial, fragmentary operation.

There is no relationship between the partial and the total; the partial cannot grow into the total. Therefore seeing is of the greatest importance. Seeing is attention, and it is only inattention that gives rise to a problem.⠀

Q: How can I be attentive all the time? It’s impossible!⠀

K: That’s quite right, it is impossible. But to be aware of your inattention is of the greatest importance, not how to be attentive all the time.

It is greed that asks the question, ‘How can I be attentive all the time?’ One gets lost in the practice of being attentive. The practice of being attentive is inattention. You cannot practice to be beautiful or to love. When hate ceases the other is. Hate can cease only when you give your whole attention to it, when you learn and do not accumulate knowledge about it. Begin very simply.⠀

Q: What is the point of your talking if there is nothing we can practise after having heard you?⠀

K: The hearing is of the greatest importance, not what you practise afterwards. The hearing is the instantaneous action. Practice gives duration to problems. Practice is total inattention. Never practise: you can only practise mistakes. Learning is always new. —Krishnamurti⠀

From The Second Krishnamurti Reader

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