I am, The End Of Duality, page 29

“A typical gathering at Ramesh’s apartment in Bombay.”
Photo by Herry Lawford
  • The End Of Duality“, by Ramesh Balsekar, page 29:
    • V:
      • I AM. ..
    • R:
      • ‘I’ is the Unmanifest Unicity. I AM represents the Unicity of which the ‘me’ and the ‘you’ are the duality. It is very simple. Was there any ‘I’ in deep sleep? Was there any question in deep sleep? The manifestation is I AM — and the I AM is the basis of duality.
      • Look at the photograph of Ramana Maharshi (pointing at the photograph). What is the feeling that arises?
    • V3:
      • It is the Unicity that is being projected.
    • R:
      • The whole basis of the photograph and what it signifies is compassion. It is compassion for the human being who cannot help being part of the duality. It is compassion for every individual who had not chosen to be an individual.
    • V3:
      • But that compassion is also I AM?
    • R:
      • Compassion cannot be there without the duality.
    • V3:
      • But is that not the subtlest link of the I AM with ‘I’?
    • R:
      • I AM means the ‘I’. The I AM could not arrive unless the Unicity had extended itself into duality. The Unmanifest had to become the manifest, so that the ‘I’ would become ‘me’ and ‘you’. If there is no manifestation — there is no ‘me’! And if there is no ‘me’, there is no ‘you’!
    • V3:
      • And that is why Shakti, the maya, dances over the sleeping Shiva.
    • R:
      • It is the basis of duality. How could there have been manifestation and humanity unless there was the duality of man and woman?
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