At Rest In Its Own Being

«Awareness is never in search, it’s always at rest in its own being. Right now what you essentially are is just at rest in its own being, but the self that thought imagines ourself to be is always in search. It’s true that from an ultimate point of view, seeking doesn’t get us closer to what is sought. However if we are seeking, we don’t know that. If you really knew that the activity of seeking wouldn’t take you one step closer to the happiness for which you long, your seeking would come to an end immediately. Then now why doesn’t it ? Because, as that seeking self, we don’t know. We may have taken an Advaita belief that we heard in a meeting or read in a book: “there’s nothing to seek, there’s nobody there…” We may believe that. We may even have an intuition that it is true. However if it is not our experience we cannot claim it, we are compelled to seek and we are by definition seeking objects, substances, states, relationships, even enlightenment, conceived as separate or other than ourselves.»

Rupert Spira, Dreambus conference in 2013


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