I AM …

Thank you Zach for our Zoom this morning!

All words only as pointers?

“I am” is maybe first a thought in the me-bubble, but then with a little curiosity and bravery it is seen as a pointer to the experience of the nameless, formless Presence, I am.

“Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex”.

I just washed a heap of dishes after breakfast; sitting now in the computer feels good. There is a deep peace and gratitude.

So precious to have met you Zach, Priyam, Walter, Grace, Erik… there are more friends too, but I can only think one thought at a time… so amazing.

Simply being myself, open and free to allow “I don’t know”, free of the need to impress each other, or to protect my assumed self-image. No need to be perfect, but more and more aware of Being Aware, our effortless, natural state.

More and more free of the investments of the separate-self that I entertained unknowingly in my thinking-mind.

Love is normal!

Not as a personal commodity to survive in our me-bubble, but as a living, practical insight into the nature of reality / truth — that which never changes: Consciousness.

I love the idea of thinking together, of connecting people, of giving each other an effortless hand in seeing the gift of what is: simply “I am, I exist”.

Back to being practical

In the old (business) model we exploited nature/people, penetrated markets, created artificial needs, withheld information and worked based on isolation, fear and scarcity.

I have no concrete vision of what to do, but see great potential in coming together, free of neediness and fear. Willing to examine the one aware of anything that appears in body-mind-world.

It takes a universe to make a sandwich

We all suffer the same… we are all sliced from the same loaf of bread, but toasted differently.

Thinking is a skill, a muscle(?) that can be trained/refined. Not sinking from the point of duality and survival, but thinking in the atmosphere of Peace, of fulness, of Awareness, friendship.

One last thought before ending up in blah-blah:

Practical Art?

PriyamSaini.com is a brave artist in Rishikesh.

Weeks or months ago we spoke about non-dual art, or spiritual art, or whatever term would fit, for works of art as an invitation for deeper exploration into the nature of reality and suffering… a “yes” to here and now.

Possibly a mix of artwork and text? This could be a very interesting way of sharing the teaching, of spreading the good news and experience that life is much more than what we think it is.

Sharing what resonates and feels right; not to be preachy, but simply to invite a deeper curiosity into “who am I” beyond mental conditioning and muscle memory… Learning by doing, celebrating life, being practical, honoring and sharing understanding.

Non-dual art

What are your ideas about non-dual art? What’s a good term? What are core topics?

Imagine a series of maybe three paintings in the office of a psychologist (-; or the foyer of a police station, school, restaurant, your home..?

It is so easy to have ideas, but for me the hard part is to not get distracted by fears and doubts; not too loose, not too tight. “Relaxed without being lazy”… practical art in daily living.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud…

In the age of remote ‘work’, why can’t we find something that has sustainable meaning and adds value for other beings

Working/sharing/growing/discovering together in an atmosphere of peace, freedom and fulfillment, not waiting for some future happiness, but simply here and now. What could it be? I don’t know; but it is possible…


“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.”
Chinese Proverb


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2 Responses

  1. zach Dogar says:

    Lovely words Holger. You are always full of words expressing the unexpressable. Thank you for your devotion to the truth.

  2. Walter C says:

    Holger, I am going to quote you on the one loaf of bread, many slices, toasted differently… a fun (and tasty) metaphor 🙂

    I agree that meeting with one another, having this understanding, there are no expectations for others to “entertain” or validate our person. Refreshing!


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