Thank you Guy!

From a time before GPS, probably in Pacific Grove…
“Inner Drill Sergeant”?

Dear Guy,
“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex.”

I very much enjoyed our time on Zoom! So much you shared resonates deeply in me.

An over-active mind, a false sense of openness, the best intentions, so much story…

“I can easier teach twenty what were good to be done, than be one of the twenty to follow mine own teaching.”


Let’s not waste our time!
Before you die, please help me to get clear about Life!

I want to have some intelligent understanding/pointers for and

Very, very simple!

What is at the core?

  • The erroneous identity: I am body-mind, based on faulty thinking and muscle-memory.
  • Not knowing the two ways to Happiness (our true nature): The way of the world = happiness through pleasure; the way of the Jnani = happiness through peace of mind.

Effortless Practice:

  • Slow down when using the word “I”!
    Do you refer to body-mind or Consciousness?
  • Understand the me-chanism of suffering.
  • kNOWing the three legitimate uses of the thinking mind: being practical, celebrating life, sharing/teaching

Once we know that our happiness is independent of circumstances (including thinking and feeling) we can relax without being lazy; and Life/Nature does it’s miracle in restoring our natural state in body-mind-world; life is a gift, not a problem to be solved.

“It takes a universe to make a sandwich” (-; 🥪

So precious meeting you; thank you for your openness.

Gratitude and love,

A girl, I once saw at Carmel Beach, probably 2010.


Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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