The freedom of enlightenment

The freedom of enlightenment is impossible to describe. We can only notice how it appears in action.

We pay complete attention to whatever we are doing, as if we were crossing a river on ice-covered stones.

We are alert to everything that happens, like a bird watching in all directions.

We have a quiet dignity and reserve, like a guest who does not seek attention.

Our judgments and opinions have melted away, like ice in the summer heat.

There is a beautiful simplicity about us, like a gem before it is shaped and polished.

We welcome whatever comes, as a valley welcomes the river.

To notice this enlightenment, we sit patiently and wait for muddy thoughts to settle and our mind to become clear.

Life then lives itself in us.

Practicing this path, we no longer worry about what we have or don’t have because we have everything!

William Martin

Thank you Walter!

I love it when Rupert speaks about “enlightenment” as our natural, normal state… effortless; undistorted by the assumed me-identity.


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  1. beingwalter says:

    Ha ha nice photo.Holger… you need to make that into a Zoom filter!

  2. Inge Gomez-Michel says:

    Beautiful Holger!
    Thank you.

  3. zach Dogar says:

    love the beard Holger. great photo

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