Beyond sense, but no nonsense.

“Open the gates so a righteous nation may enter—one that remains faithful. 3You will keep in perfect peace the steadfast of mind, because he trusts in You. 4Trust in the LORD forever, because GOD the LORD is the Rock eternal.…”

Isaiah 26:3

Open the gates … don’t label, don’t filter through thinking, allow; simply be with what IS behind the appearance.

righteous nation … lots of inner and outer stuff

one that remains faithful … without doubt knowing/seeing that LIFE itself is beautiful and generous.

perfect peace … no feeling, no thought, no perception can shake the effortless Reality/Presence of I AM. No need to change, fight or resist.

trust in you … I AM — not another, neither “me”.

Trust in the LORD forever … a fresh looking, not a stale remembering, but an aliveness in the simple effortless re-cognition I AM. The effortless effort of releasing the clenched fist, the contracted ‘me’ that I believe myself to be. In this Light even dying of the “me” is not a problem.

LORD … not ‘another’, but the absence of poor me. Even much higher than that!

ROCK eternal … I AM never changes, I am is not a thing, not a state, not a constellation.

I AM … Consciousness, Awareness, God, Love, infinite potential, Light, Truth, Harmony, Peace.

All words as concessions, but as one simple sincere invitation for the attention to follow the pointer, to relax attention (Awareness + object) into its Source: Awareness, Love, Presence, Peace; here and now; effortlessly.

Like Rupert says along the way of: It is the most natural to know your true Self. It is blasphemy to identify as a separate-self.


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