The G-word

We are speaking with those who have determination and energy in seeking knowledge of their self in order to know God, and who keep fresh in their heart the image of their seeking and longing for union with God.

Know Yourself –– An explanation of the oneness of being

Not a religious God [we can believe whatever we want] but since I don’t feel that I created myself and my experiences, I enjoy the word God as a pointer beyond my limited thinking and traumatized feeling. Free of any concept, somehow with a growing sense of gratitude and awe. From awful to awe… God must be a drama queen?

Dear Friends, Silence is precious,

This morning was Roger’s day off from his Daily Satsangs.
Getting up at 5:00 was easy and I met three friends in his Zoom Room, and it was very good.

Sorry, if I repeat myself… I have no agenda, and don’t remember right now what I shared already, but I am at peace, right here and now.

Zoom Be?

I don’t need to analyse why and how, but I really enjoy (as of right now) to be together with people who are bravely interested in embracing “Peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances”, or however you call it; peace, happiness, freedom, liberation, love for God/Universe/Source/Self…

I spent decades feeling uncomfortable within myself; I was either exhausted or seeking outside (in my thinking head and outer circumstances)…
Quite amazing, so much suffering… depression, life tiredness, loneliness… and in the end what I was looking for was always here and now.

I like the idea of radical openness to allow Inner Space

Basically the idea is that there is nothing in me that I need to hide, or wouldn’t want to face. Not to make a sport out of exposing my seeming shortcomings, not to create a new ego identity, but to exercise my freedom to not be anymore intimidated by ‘my own’ thoughts and feelings; and to see/feel the mechanism how I create and perpetuate my own suffering. Encouraged by Rupert Spira I can feel that those old energies want to leave the system, and that there is nothing to be afraid of.

I am not a salesperson for spirituality, I am not here to save the world or teach anyone anything, I just want to embrace my freedom, and to better understand and share what it is that we basically all suffer, in different colors and variations.

A big motivation is my daughter, who turns 9 in a few days; I wouldn’t want her to be lost the same way I was… it was just too ridiculous, so it seems.

Being aware is effortless

… this maybe was/is my greatest hurdle, to relax my egoic eagerness, my false sense of self and doership.

I am grateful for many spiritual teachers, that are available on youtube and Zoom: Rupert Spira, Mooji, Eckhart Tolle, Joel Goldsmith, Jiddu Krishnamurti and many others. What an amazing abundance! I spent years listening to them, but mostly only as a pain-killer, without reflecting and thinking for myself.

I am grateful for Roger Castillo’s teaching and his generous Satsangs. Understanding my own suffering is such a relief, such an energy-saver! I guess we could talk for uncounted lifetimes about all the details and connections, but with peace of mind as my benchmark I can relax my thinking head.

Gosh, again so many words, so much potential blah, blah.

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So far nobody entered the Community part of the website (could be expanded with similar features like Facebook, but much more quiet and private).

How to connect with people?
For me this website is already great, because I am meeting people on Zoom, and I am getting a better idea about the whole project; but what about you?

My interest is not in private entertainment; I still have the idea to nurture, inspire and simplify this waking up thingy, that is everyone’s birthright!

What an amazing time we are in, with this global covid drama, the lockdowns… for me it is more like a retreat, a time to slow down, to get clear…

Many people might have hard times, when so many old ways of entertainment and distractions are taken away.

But what a great gift to have Zoom and the opportunity to go deeper into the only thing that really matters:

Our connection with Source, Self-knowledge, insight, … discovering our natural state (Peace of mind, independent of circumstances)!

Not to hide in a cave, but to be in daily life, to celebrate, to share… however it might unfold.

Again, not to burden you, not to sell you anything, but if you read so far, and you are still not bored, then please send me a short message… no shame, no blame, no guilt…

With love,


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