Let the Beauty we love be what we do…

Excerpt: “The Perfume Of Silence”, page 36

“Anyone who loves beauty and truth will presumably express them.”

“Yes, the deed that comes from the perception of beauty, truth, and love is a direct expression of beauty, truth, and love in the world. In the realm of thinking it is revealed as intelligence, in the realm of feeling it is revealed as love and joy. In the real of perceptions it is revealed as a true work of art.”

BeingTogether.Live is moving forward only with tiny baby-steps, but something is already quite amazing:

Thank you for your friendship, for your openness. Most of my life I was alone and did not have many opportunities to exchange, share and reflect with other human beings about the fun-da-mentals of life…

I did not understand my suffering, my sadness, my resistance, my isolation…

It feels so good, so freeing to partake in Roger Castillo‘s daily Satsangs, and to have the opportunity to connect with you; to speak about the teaching, to not be alone, to see and feel that life is much more than my previous decades of misery and misidentification.

Ego can sneak in everywhere; my wish to see something very practical and simple feels authentic…

A simple way to clarify and share if or how the sub-optimal “me”-misery on this planet can be lifted up into “Peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances.”

I am not interested in publicity, I don’t have a messiah complex, I just want to humbly see how my past 5 decades of suffering could have been avoided or at least shortened…

The simpler, the better: just some few basic concepts, some testimonials, graphics, a glossary of words, some articles, stories, photos, projects, … and a list of people that resonate and are available for face-to-face, heart-to-heart connections.

To embrace our freedom, not to hang onto new beliefs.

I don’t know the what, how and when, but I feel the freedom of response-ability to be myself in doing something with you — together — that can help people to see the obvious; bypassing resistance, assumptions, opinions and beliefs.

Why not on a global scale, via the Internet, here and now, like a gentle snowball effect?

I see how I was stuck in my self-entertained conceptual “me” prison; and maybe there are more subtle layers… but being connected with other seekers/finders feels right.

Life is precious. my daughter is 9 years old and I don’t want her to live the same inner mess I went through, I’d love to talk with my beloved wife free of the walls that still seem to separate us.

Learning by doing, exploring, risking, discovering; single and free like a tree, but brotherly like a forest… something like this.

Without pressure or eagerness, neither with time to waste.

With love,
Holger Hubbs


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  1. Inge says:

    It is so beautiful and open what you write here, Holger.
    It resonates with me.

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