Francis Lucille: Love Is Not An Objective Experience Bound By Time

Love is timeless, love for object is a mistake.”

this misunderstanding [of the nature of Love] is twofold:
one, we believe that we love is an object and
two, we believe that the experience of love is also an objective experience;
an experience in the body, of bodily sensation of in the heart, or of expansion…”

in the real experience of love it is love for love itself.
It’s love of love itself and love is not an objective experience and as such is not bound by time.”

Happiness in the absence of dynamism is experienced as peace, in the presence of dynamism it’s experienced as joy.”

there is a stabilization process during which we still have relapses in ignorance.
It’s a kind of a bad habit we have acquired over years spent in unawareness of our true nature;
so these old habits are hard to die and but in this process we may observe that these relapses in ignorance don’t happen as often as they used to; that and they last also not as long as they used to;
and they are not as dramatic as they used to;
so these relapses in ignorance may give the impression that the happiness comes and goes.”


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