Thayumanavar, recommended by Ramana Maharshi

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“The following are a few verses from the composition of Tamil saint Thayumanavar, recommended by Ramana Maharishi to be read by the devotees, Ramana having held in high esteem this saint.

Thayumanavar, not being identified with any school of thought, pours out his articulations. The Saiva-Siddhantha schools relate his teachings to their thoughts, the vedantins identifying his teaching with Advaitha Vedanta. Whatever it be, it is clear from his writings that he is a great teacher. The translation has been made by an Australian Saiva devotee, being available in the following website:

with warm regards

All that are rare to see

Will of themselves occur en mass.

And to show that all these

Are but transient and illusory

Like the camphor mountain in blaze –

He comes.

Eating and sleeping,

Experiencing sorrows and joys

And possess of habitation and the rest,

As unto me He takes the form.

And as with deer the deer is trapped

He comes as the compassionate Mauna Guru

To cleanse me of my impurities.


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