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Tessa with Lucy at Caterpillar park.

November 9, 2020, 7:38 AM
“Thank you for the message yesterday.
Trying to stay connected to expansive self.

Dear Jim,
You are your self!
You can never not be.

What helps me immensely is to allow “me” to die psychologically (it is scary for the separate-self to dissolve).

The one who wants to ‘stay connected to expansive self’ is the fake “me”, the habitual distraction, the veil of our natural state of peace and happiness.

It is very good… the ‘trying to stay connected to the expansive self’.

Allow this old “me” based on faulty thinking; see it, feel it; allow it to gently, naturally and lovingly die. The caterpillar has to die in order for the butterfly to be born.

Allow yourself to have a mind like water; keep your mind stayed on “I am”, effortlessly.

You are in a good place.

With love,

7:58 AM

picture book art activity, MPC 2005


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