Freak-when-see of Love?

Hello J,
It was good talking to you yesterday on Zoom!

I assume you are reading my words here very slowly.

My typing here, right now, is very slow; it is 4:26 AM and it is deliciously quiet.

Roger Castillo asks:
What do I really want, on a practical level?

Joel Goldsmith mentions the Bible:
“Christ in you is the hope of glory”.

Neville Goddard shares:
“Imagining creates reality”.
“God is the cause of the phenomena of life”.

Eckhart Tolle speaks about the gap, the stillness between, behind and in the words.

Mooji says:
“Excitement is a scam of the mind”. And he also says that we need to make a (artificial) distinction between mind and our Self.

And then there is our friend Rupert Spira, who is, like Roger, very precise with words, and who points out that all words are concessions; that mind is an activity — not an entity — of thoughts and feelings.


What is the common denominator of all those voices, why all this talk; what is ‘spiritual’ seeking all about? Where is the beef?

And there are even many more voices; faint past voices of Trauma and faulty thinking.

What is our deep inner uncomfortableness or uncertainty? Is there ‘something’ to be discovered?

We can agree that thoughts and feelings — everything in this world — is fleeting; comes and goes.

Interestingly, somehow we always tend to overlook the one who is always the same, who is aware of anything that arises and subsides in front of “me”.

This faceless, formless Awareness.


Keeping thinking straight — making a point — is not easy for “me”. Words can easily distract; I like the term ‘mental confetti’… being all over the place can be exhausting and frustrating.

Words are pointers, for our attention to follow.
How to keep it practical, relevant, useful:

What do I really want?
Who am I?

I, I, I…

Jesus says “I am the light of the world.”
“In me (I) you have peace, in the world you have tribulations.”

There is Earth and world.
I understand Earth as reality — that which IS, Life, Nature outside of ‘my’ control — and ‘world’ as what we see through the filter of personhood — our conditioned mind.

Mind simply being thoughs and feelings, not a “MIND”, as an entity.

Who am I?
What do I really want?

The surface mind is quick in telling “me” that I need a coffee, some chocolate, a funny video clip, another distractions, a goal, a nap…

There is something to be discovered!
Life is not what it seems to be.

There are all these voices floating around…
Voices of wisdom and faint voices of trauma, fear, confusion, disappointment, despair.

How does life work, what can I do — what needs to be my attitude — that brings fulfillment?

The answers are not out there, but here and now “closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet”.

I am, I exist.
This is the rock of my salvation, the peace that passeth understanding, the mystery of Life.

“I am, I exist” is the only ‘thing’ in the manifestion that doesn’t change; all else are concepts, ideas, fleeting appearances.

What do I really want?
Roger’s suggested answer is: ~What everyone really wants, even if they don’t know it, is happiness through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances~.

And in this regard ‘circumstance’ includes our thoughts and feelings as well. Not to dismiss them, but to see that there is a deeper Presence in us, as us: I am.

Rupert makes it so simple: ~the only requirement for the direct path is the effortless recognition “I am, I exist”~.

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex”.

We can understand our own suffering.
Our suffering can completely drop away.

“It is your Father’s (Consciousness) good pleasure to give you (Awareness) the kingdom (our natural state of peace and fulfillment)”.

catalyst: cat·a·lyst (kăt’l-ĭst) – A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process. – One that precipitates a process or event, especially without being involved in or changed by the consequences.


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