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At 5:44am XYZ wrote:

Hi Holger I went through some of your website, There’s a lot there. I see you teach computer skills. I am looking for someone to teach me how to operate PCs more efficiently as well as learn to build spreadsheets. Is this something you might be interested in teaching me?

My reply:

Thank you XYZ,
I am not good with PCs, but I can definitely help you with Spreadsheets!

Good that you have already a free gmail account, this includes, which is powerful.

1. What is your availability?

2. Do you have a specific spreadsheet goal or need?

3. Technology can feel overwhelming, but it is not rocket-science! Your gmail account comes with these free tools:

  • to store your files in the cloud
  • for word processing, writing good old letters
  • for spreadsheets, to crunch numbers
  • for presentations
  • for websites
  • for your photo storage and management

With a sense of humor, please listen at least one minute of the following  important instructional video. It all becomes more clear in this video, but you must relax in order to experience the background upon which the separate-self appears as real and impressive.



Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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2 Responses

  1. The video is in Hindi, does your friend speak Hindi?

  2. Holger says:

    No Inge, I don’t think so.
    This is just my type of humor (-;
    Listening to the video just gave me an idea how someone might feel when learning something new at the computer.
    Just this deep feeling of dah?

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