‘Tell’ by Peter Hornat, 2019

Peter Hornat:

I hope ‘Tell’ is a musical pathway to the peace of (y)our essential, ever-present aware being; the unconditional knowing presence that equally allows all experience.


Don’t get lost in your imaginary self
Don’t feel sorry for what you can not help
Don’t believe the stories I tell
Look within, discover truth for yourself

Don’t overlook what you essentially are
Rest in love and create from the heart
Pain is unstoppable, surrender to it’s art
Everything changing, we end when we start

Can I sing anything that you don’t know?
Can I obscure the infinite glow?
From our being comes this beautiful show
In the light of presence joy flows

My inner dialog has been a spell
Keeping entrenched feeling unwell
All my beliefs have been a hell
Silence is the highest truth I can tell

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