not something that the mind is party too.

The Rupert Spira quote is from Transparent Body, Luminous World, pages 58 and 59. Meditation 6, The Transparent Substance of the Body. …..

“As we go deeper into our feelings, deeper down into the well of feelings, the feelings become less clearly defined and less clearly located.

So the explorations or contemplations that we do in these yoga sessions are to the body what higher reasoning is to the mind. 

Instead of engaging lines of reasoning, we engage lines of movement or feeling-imagination, such as expanding the body in all directions into empty space, filling the whole space of the room. 

Just as higher reasoning liberates our self from self-imposed beliefs, this Tantric Yoga of Sensation and Perception liberates the body and the world from self imposed feelings.

Just as, in our conversations, we consider the possibility that awareness is unlimited and ever present, and, as a result of this consideration, expose and confront all the beliefs that seem to oppose it, so in this yoga we explore visualizations and postures that exposes the separate-self feeling in the body, flushing it out of its hiding places and offering it to the open, empty space of Awareness.

The dissolution of the feeling of the separate “me” is not something that the mind is party too. The mind doesn’t notice when the separate self vacates the body.

The separate self leaves the body without the mind knowing how or when. 

All that is necessary in these meditations is to participate with an open mind, and open heart and an open body. 

We let the open, empty space of awareness take the residues of separation in the body. 

Don’t try to take care of them with the mind. 

Don’t even expect the mind to notice the process.

At best, the mind may notice later on that old feelings, contractions and reactivity have simply ceased appearing in our experience. They are no longer controlling and affecting our relationships, activities, movements and feelings.”

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