Francis: The moment we stop worrying about the images…

“We are the perfect mirror in which all objects, perceptions, sensations and thoughts have their birth, their existence, and their death. Without the understanding of the presence of the mirror, there will always be lack, incompleteness, unfulfillment. Trying to make the reflections in the mirror more perfect only worsens the situation. The moment we stop worrying about the images, we gently go back to perfection.

Silence is the purest form of this perfection that can be shared, when all objects, pleasures and pains are welcomed with indifference, dispassion, detachment.. What we are truly in love with is that which never rises nor falls.

If we face silence with boredom, boredom will become more intense, so that we have the possibility to be more aware of it and to welcome it completely. If we face silence with doubts, our doubts will intensify, so that we can ultimately resolve them. If we face silence with welcoming, it will take us to eternity.

Completely welcome this silence which is given to us for the time being. Which has gathered us here. In which all separations vanish. Take a bath, body and mind, in silence.”

Francis Lucille (04-25-99)


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