Walter, April 2nd 2021:

It would be nice to get the “drop-in” spiritual coffee shop up and running.

As a member,
-get notified if someone drops in with the option of joining them for “spiritual coffee” 😊
-plan to meet one or many by posting when you’ll be dropping in
-a scrolling “wall” to write on for nice messages to all for when they log in like graffiti!”


Dear Walter,

“be careful what you ask for” it says somewhere.

I registered SpiritualCoffeeShop.com not only to invite for myself peace with the word “spiritual” and with coffee, to which I was addicted for several decades.

I deeply enjoyed our Zoom this morning with you, Grace and Priyam.

It feels so good to be connected with truth lovers! Beyond feeling good; being stirred and reminded again:

What I really want is “Happiness through peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances”.

What I really want is always here and now, prior to mind.

Not to let words become empty platitudes!

Walter, I like your ideas; as of right now there is already a type of a wall, but different than the one you suggest: Image Wall.

I don’t want to get lost in excitement… but to honor my understanding and spend more time with the timeless, even while doing things.

We can be busy forever, even dedicated to so called ‘spirituality’ and still miss the Presence of this moment, hidden in plain sight.

I enjoy sharing, thinking together, walking my talk… effortlessly waking up from the dream of personhood.

Coming together is precious; let’s be open to invite what we cannot know yet.

Thank you Life (-;

PS: As an idea to explore… a trello bored.

PPS: If anyone is interested s/he can subscribe for email updates and check out SpiritualCoffeeShop.com which simply redirects to the category ‘SpiritualCoffeeShop’ on this website — BeingTogether.Live

// I wonder if I could have said it more complicated?


Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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  1. beingwalter says:

    Wonderful Holger! I also enjoyed our meeting today… I met two more expressions of myself, open and beautiful versions 🙂

    I look forward to meeting again and seeing where SpiritualCoffeeShop.com goes. Imagine bumping into friends at all hours!

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