Quiet by Ethan Ellappa

We say
Welcoming all that is
Simply sitting
Watching quietly
The falling rain
Breathing in
A bird flies by
Breathing out
A cricket chirps
Pouring water into water
Itself into itself
Hearing only the sound
Seeing only the seeing
Feeling what is there to be felt
It is cold
Wind and thunder conspire
Leaves tremble
A chill shivers down my spine
The air is crisp, fresh, and renewed
Dust has settled
Dry skin washed away
Clean and clear
Trees stand still
Unmoved yet ever grateful
The plants are my teachers
I am the silence listening

Ethan Ellappa


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  1. beingwalter says:

    A wonderful poem Ethan. As you have effectively captured above, nature is a powerful communicator. Thank-you.
    (More please 😃)

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