Resistance to the flow of life…

A big stumbling block in spiritual seeking can be language due to its subject, object, verb, noun divisions.
In order to explore and understand our seeking beyond the surface, it is great to have a good namespace;
a set of concepts that are practically examined and understood.

In regard to peace of mind in daily living, I learned many cool concepts from Roger Castillo;
not to get stuck in words but to follow the pointers:

The ‘flow of life’ refers to circumstances in our daily living, which unavoidably fluctuate between pleasure and pain:

  • physical,
  • emotional,
  • financial.

Good, bad or indifferent… circumstances are what they are, sometimes nice, sometimes not so nice, measured against our preferences, our genes and up-to-date conditioning.

Due to our materialistic world-culture most people are entangled in seeking pleasure and avoiding pain;
they are unaware of what they really want:
“Happiness through peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances”.

Suffering is an added layer of attitude towards the circumstantial pleasure and pain.
Suffering is the entanglement with a fictitious “me” feeling that lives in our thinking and body memory.
Suffering can be tricky to detect because it is a subtle part of the “me” I believe myself to be.

Gently and bravely noticing our resistance to what IS can reduce and remove our suffering and reveals a peace beyond understanding, that is always available; a practical, living, intelligent peace [and presence] that is the fun-da-mental cornerstone for a fulfilled life, here and now.

Outside the thinking head the whole (no)thing is beyond easy and difficult;
its effortlessness is its safety, power, and fulfillment.

Thank you for your openness, and your pointing out where I seem to misunderstand the whole thing; feedback is always a win-win, when there is openness.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud.

With love and gratitude,

An old photo (-; The head is not destroyed but closer to the guts.

Now I live in a small apartment, but increasingly happy.
Thank you for the never-ending stepping-stones in life!

Quite humbling to see that what I always longed for IS always here and now.


Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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