Dear Laura

A Seagull from Pacific Grove.

Thank you Laura for your reply.

On this website I have Peepso installed; in functionality it is similar to Facebook; assuming I buy some plugins, which I would, if there are some people who are interested.

I have this domain name BeingTogether.Live since several years; somehow this idea of interhuman-relationships is still on my mind, in my heart.

I love where I live, the nature, the weather, but I see so much more potential in exploring what is behind the facade of hi-and-bye. 

Not a club, but just some gentle curiosity beyond the should, would and could of the ’normal’ materialistic worldview.

I don’t feel that I have a mission; I am maybe more suspicious towards my own ego, my own confusion.

Life can be so simple; I don’t want to convert anyone to my beliefs (anymore), I just once in a while want to talk to a human being; not to impress, not to gain, but just for no reason.

In a way we all sit in the same boat, more or less stuck with being unaware of our natural state; disconnected from Source.

I have times when everything feels perfect, even the misery.

I don’t want to create a club or play Forest Gump, but I feel there is more we can do/be as human beings than to privately suffer our own challenges.

Thank you for your openness, your email, this moment.


PS: Yes, I am interested in nonduality, as a thorn to remove my other thorn(s) and then to throw them all away.

Theoretically our human suffering is so simple to understand… If I were more ambitious I would have already a PhD in Procrastination (-; but somehow there was so much resistance/pain in me just to have a ‘normal’ day.

There are so many beautiful pointers, there is so much wisdom everywhere… Did I learn anything during my 53+ years? Somehow life is getting simpler… but who? Cares.


Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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5 Responses

  1. This is so nice Holger.
    So beautifully expressed.
    I wish I lived closer and we could see each other and our families often…
    You could make a “Friends of Roger Castillo” Zoom meetings and meet once a week. Like the friends of Rupert..
    What do you think?

    • holgerhubbs says:

      Thank you Inge for your idea (-;
      Right now “I don’t know”.
      What do I really want?

      Right now there is peace.
      Ready for breakfast, after 4 hours in the computer.
      Thank you for our connection!

  2. Laura says:

    I love your seagull and the ocean, you are lucky to live at the coast. I love where I live, on a forested bluff in between two rivers, with many birds (even eagles), deer, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, squirrels, and even armadillos (recent immigrants due to climate change shifts). I think that it is not easy to find anywhere in the US where people go beyond “hi-and-bye”. All my life I have been striving for answers, a natural researcher who finally found Advaita. The thing I love most about Advaita is that it is the only teaching that tells aspirants that the only way to achieve the ultimate goal is to throw away all of the Advaita teaching. As you say, all the thorns, suffering, and conflicts ultimately simply disappear when one finally recognizes the truth.

  3. holgerhubbs says:

    Thank you!

    As a ‘reasonable inference’ (I heard Rupert Spira use this term) we can say that human connection can be beneficial.

    I for my part want to see where I am stuck;
    I want to get out of the head, to feel alive, inspired, to get my buttons pushed, if needed.

    “This world” (people’s ideas) seems such a waste of resources and opportunities.

    For this website I had the idea of
    – A map, to see where “friends” are.
    – A simple profile with contact info, interests, challenges, teachings encountered, resources that could be shared…
    – Different ‘Groups’ to create some structure…

    How to keep it fun, sincere, dedicated, trust worthy?
    – How to restrict access (prior email exchange, zoom call)?
    – How to nurture an atmosphere of openness?

    Not entertainment, not escape, but an opportunity of coming together dedicated to clarity, truth, practical peace.
    Super simple, natural.

    Just some thoughts… does it resonate?

    • Laura says:

      Those are all interesting ideas, but maybe it’s not necessary to decide until there are more people on the site? Agree with Inge that regular Zoom meet-ups would be interesting, perhaps biweekly or monthly.

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