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Attention, Head, Heart, Wholeness.

Each time the attention goes to the headwanting to solve something,I point you to the Heart,where everything is nicely dissolvedin perfect Wholeness. Mooji


You Are Life Itself — Guided Meditation with Mooji

“Everything is in place for life to unfold in its natural way. Be aware of this. You are not apart from life, but life itself.

You are simply here – undivided, whole, complete, happy. Be confirmed in your completeness.”


Mooji: What Is the Best Way to Start the Day?

“Just be aware of the sense of being, it is not personal.

Of all habits this is going to be the most fruitful, the most delivering. And this habit becomes integrated in your being.

The more you try this, the better it gets!”


I AM, I Exist

“What is the one thing to know all? is it I am – I Exist? The one before everything? Find out together with Mooji in this beautiful invitation to freedom.”