Update: 09-17-2020 – Friends Map, Social Networking Hub

Dear Friends,

Today I had the luxury of several uninterrupted hours, dedicated to this website — BeingTogether.Live

Being in the “zone”… inspired by yesterday’s Zoom Hangout with FriendsOfRupertSpira.com and an email exchange with Laura and Jaya, I upgraded We.BeingTogether.Live into a working Social Networking Hub. Please have a playful attitude, since this is a one-man side project, in a small apartment:

All of this similar to Facebook, but without the noise, without the click-bait, without the tracking.

Thank you for your interest, your openness, your willingness to think and share.
I am grateful for the teachings and our opportunity to connect with each other beyond the bubble of our old familiarity.

Scene in Pacific Grove, California.
Aren’t we all more or less in a bubble of conditioning?

Thank you for your emails, your feedback, commitment and bravery.


Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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