Unfathomable Cosmic Law

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EXCERPT from “The End of Duality”
By Ramesh Balsekar,
Page 46, “Afterword”:

Soon after Sharda’s passing, Ramesh mentioned during satsang that it was an interesting coincidence that these talks of his were all based on the subject of death — or what he has so poetically referred to as ‘the end of duality’. He pointed out that he does not plan what gets spoken about, or even how it gets spoken, thus bringing home the point again that ‘everything is a happening’.

On many occasions, Ramesh would tell us that it is impossible for the human intellect to ever comprehend the order and purpose of the unfathomable organising power behind our lives, which he called the ‘Cosmic Law’.

In so doing, he indirectly testified to the extraordinary Intelligence of Creation, and to the fact that this manifestation is not born out of chaos but is an interconnected ‘net of jewels’ — each reflecting the light of the others that is, in essence, the light of the One Source.

As we first begin to understand that we are truly not in control of ‘our lives’, it can seem as if everything is in free fall, devoid of any reliable centre. However, as the understanding sinks deeper, quite the opposite reveals itself to be true.

Perhaps it is not at all a ‘coincidence’ that these talks were based upon the subject of death. It is also, perhaps, not a ‘coincidence’ that Ramesh quietly passed away on Sunday morning, the 27th of September 2009, just as this manuscript was being sent to press.

In his words, “At death, one goes back to where one came from — Home.”

Gautam Sachdeva 9th September 2009


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