So delicious, the stillness…

Sunday morning, 8:00 AM.

It is so wonderfully quiet.
My little family is still sleeping.

Learning by doing… I am still figuring out how much ego is in my words, how much hunger is still there; hunger for identity.

And even this can be set aside.

“Mind and speech are our greatest gifts” I once heard/read someone say. I resonate with that.

Thank you for this opportunity right now to exercise mind and speech, with those (hopefully) few words (-;

To tune in again and again into the stillness, and to let the words come from ‘there’ instead to just rattle.

Joel Goldsmith once wrote a book with the title “Thunder of Silence”; the world might call it Tinnitus (-;

An old photo, 15+ years ago; I am now at a different place, with a different cat, a human puppy (9), a dog. “You cannot step twice into the same river”.

8:30 AM, wifey passed by on her way out, to walk the dog. The cat meowed, and looks at me…

The day has begun?

The peace is still here, right now; but just by moving the body, by talking, by having breakfast, doing the dishes, reading emails, etc. something changes inside; but remembering and tuning in to the Peace that is independent of circumstances is more frequent, more effortless.

What changes throughout a day…
besides different energies (rest/activity)? I get less exhausted by the subtle “should, would, could” commentary of the thinking mind.

Wishing you a good day (-;
Holger @

Man is not prepared to let go – and that is the only problem.

Ramesh Balsekar, “Let Life Flow”.


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  1. Inge says:

    Beautiful, thank you so much for your openness and transparency!

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