Satsang with Madgi

Thank you Magdi for yesterday’s Satsang.
I want to express my gratitude, but don’t know the words, yet.

5:00 AM, it is deliciously quiet.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud…
It is so easy to seemingly get side-tracked, to miss the mark.

“Structure supports spontaneity.”
Are all words concessions to ignorance?
I might have enough mental confetti to write books about the human drama, but who cares?

Our daughter is 9 years old, and instead to just relax and dissolve in the peace that is always here and now, I feel the itch to put into words what creates my suffering since decades.

It seems such a waste… all “my” struggle with depression, frustration, life tiredness.

Someone could have told me that life is not what I think it is; but maybe I wasn’t ready to listen?

Maybe the separate-self is just a cocoon until we develop enough spiritual muscle to embrace with our heart what mind cannot understand?

What are the simple core points — like enlightenment for dummies?

Satsang is a precious gift, to rediscover our timeless inner space — our natural state;
to effortlessly have my sense of self recalibrate from separate doing to simply being lived.

I seem to derive my sense of identity either through
– self-perpetuating thinking, or through
– the effortless recognition “I am, I exist”.

Satsang makes it easier to relax from the freak-when-see of the separate-self into the Presence of Being.

Life is quite marvelous and fascinating… but to whom?

I spent decades trying hard to find survival and fulfillment in outer circumstances, in the bubble of my thinking head;
what a release to understand that happiness is available through peace of mind, independent of circumstances.

I suffered for decades my own faulty thinking; I didn’t see that the “me” I believe myself to be is not who or what “I am”.
For decades I was lost in seeking pleasure and avoiding pain;
not knowing that my fulfillment is independent of circumstances.

“Truth is simple, the seeker is complex”

What a release to demystify the me-chanism of suffering, the erroneous sense of doership:

Guilt, blame, pride, worry/anxiety, expectations and attachment to outcome…
are not insurmountable mountains but are self-created by the fictitious “me” that lives only in my thinking.

Thinking itself is not the problem, it is only an effect.
The cause for incessant thinking is the overlooking of the obvious — I simply am!
One tiny oversight as the cause of so much misguided mental activity and madness in “this world”?

Pain is circumstantial and takes care of itself, but our suffering is attitudinal and can completely drop away.

“I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace.
In the world you will have tribulation.
But take courage; I have overcome the world!”
Mr. jesus in John 16:33.

I see Jesus as a pointer to Awareness and “the world” as our conceptually entertained limitations;
God — the cause of the phenomena of life — as Consciousness.
Not two.

“It takes a universe to make a sandwich”

I want to learn how to use words without pushing people’s buttons.
It is too easy to close down; somehow our ignorance protects itself.

I believe in radical openness: that there is nothing in ‘me’ that I would need to hide.
We all suffer the same.

I appreciate your feedback.

With love,

PS: Some old ideas…
Trying to find an outlet for the imprisoned splendor:
BeingTogether.Live (this website)


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  1. Magdi Badawy says:

    Dear Holger
    Inevitably we reach our destination, which is the peace of being. This peace is overlooked when we adopt the belief that I (consciousness) is a mortal form existing in time and space. Thus, we are distracted, fascinated by the me-chanism, by the images on the screen, hoping to find God’s peace in a personal experience, in a particular situation or a happy relationship.
    Eventually, we realize that the peace we seek is the reality which we are, the reality of consciousness. Peace is not something we attain via a mental or physical practice. It is our true nature.
    Once this understanding is clear, what remains is to live each situation according to our understanding. Thus, the sense of separation dissolves in its source.
    Much love and friendship.

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