Merry Christmas (-;

Thank you Elsbeth for your friendship and this beautiful painting.

Thank you Inge (-; for your previous comments;
nice to see that I am not alone here.

For a long time Jesus Christ, in my mind, was one extra special man who probably lived 2,000 years ago…

Later, through non-dual teachings I could see that Jesus is a personification of Awareness — yOur Awareness, One Awareness, One God, One Reality.

Jesus is a non-religious pointer for everyone, who feels the pull to bravely question their own limited “me”-reality. You, who has the intuition that life is more than what our servant — the thinking mind — interprets for us.

To move from the slavery of our mental me-identity into the promised land of milk and honey — our effortless natural state of Being Aware.

“Unto us a child is born…”
this is our tender and fragile inquiry into the nature of Reality.

Reality = God = the cause of the phenomena of life.

Reality is not the effect, it is not that which we perceive as objects (thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, things, places, “other”).

Reality is the Presence in which everything arises, exists and subsides.

The simple effortless recognition “I am,” I exist, is the only prerequisite.

The simplicity is the stumbling block.

Amazing how much mess and circus people created with the clear words in the Bible:

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” 

Not to wait for a Santa Claus God to make this already perfect world a better place, but for me to wake up, in seeing the nature of Reality.

The enemy is in our own house, it is our own assumed “me”-identity! So amazing that “i” lived so many decades being intimidated by a ghost in my own thinking and feeling!

Back to Faith: not as some hope for future happiness, not as an escape or pain-killer, but as a fun-da-metal step to relax and surrender our addicted inner thinkoholic:

2020 was quite an amazing year!
So many insights, so many new friends!
God is a drama queen (-;

Thank you,


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