Dear Ellen,
Guidance or guy-dance?

We learned our ignorance (born from below).
We learn our freedom (born from above).

We simply re-cognize again (and again) our natural state.

The simple effortless re-cognition “I am, I exist”… is the portal to your true Self.
This moment of in-sight is your Self.

“I knock at the door…
it opens…
I knocked from inside!”

Ellen is already whole and complete.
Faceless, formless Awareness.

But we are trapped in the voice we identify with as ‘me’.

The person might shout and screams, because it is afraid to be seen as a myth, a fraud, a nothingness.

Can you imagine all the decades of willfulness, suffering and seeking… overlooking the most obvious?!!!

To allow this insight is pure humility.


“I don’t know” is a very healthy state… Not stupid, foolish or dumb, but clear and open.

Seeing that the thinking mind is a precious servant, but a lousy master.

Super simple, self-evident; no one left to guide or be guided.


There is a step where we always held back, there is a tiny moment where we always hesitated and turned back to the old grooves: The freak-when-see of Love.

Peace and Happiness is not a pleasure.


We cannot serve two masters, we cannot long for peace and hold onto our familiarity of a personal ‘me’.

Strangely, we prefer familiarity over peace, even if it is the familiarity of suffering.

What to do, where to go?

Simply to re-cognize “I am, I exist” … all the rest are concepts!

Nothing to change, nothing to fight, but discern the difference between mind and Self, ‘me’ and ‘I am’.

‘me’ is imagined in the thinking mind, “I am” is the Lord your God that brought you out of the slavery of the believe “I am in body-mind-world” to the freedom of “I am Consciousness”.

A tiny gentle twist, with huge implications.

Sorry, no fireworks… no angels dancing with you; nothing changes immediately on the outside, but you kNOW, you are the Peace that passeth understanding.

Ellen, don’t waste your precious Life.

Your Peace and Happiness is not to be found in, or dependent on circumstances.

Nothing to figure out but, honoring your understanding, risking to kNOW and live the discernment between ‘me’ (story) and ‘I am’ (humble Presence).

Simply do each moment what you feel like doing, and spend time with the timeless, effortlessly.

Fall in love with no-thing and live life free of suffering, free of guilt, blame, shame, pride, worry, anxiety and attachment to outcome.

The root of suffering is the believe in personal doership.

Explore the possibility that all is God’s will; the private separate Ellen was a misunderstanding you always hesitated to examine… until now.

Who am I?
Not as a thinker’s question, but the effortless looking inward, beyond the story of “me” and all the mental confetti.

“Know the truth and the truth will set you free!”

The truth is That which never changes.
What in Ellen does never change!

The simple, effortless re-cognition ‘I am, I exist’.
It IS that simple.

“I am That, living as this.”

With love,


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