Disturbing Movies?

Hello Guy,
Funny animal this body-mind.

It is a filter and a memory bank?

The Guy I see has an inclination, a natural pull towards intelligence, beauty, love, care, harmony.


Yes, technically you can watch disturbing Netfix, but why…

Addicted to adrenaline?

Your body-mind is like a garden, you care for it, you love it.

If you eat constantly junk food you weaken your immune system, and are only satisfied for short moments.

“The belly of the mind is always hungry.”

“Excitement is a scam of the mind.”


We maybe all have some forms of perversion.

Does it bring joy and peace to watch disturbing movies?

Discover the fulfillment and innocence of simply I am.


Guy, you know all those psychological ideas, models, concepts…

Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Talk with your woman, look into her eyes, enjoy her voice, hold her hand…

Too much love?

“Excitement is a scam of the mind.”

Better to cut off some head, crash an expensive car and explode an orphanage?


I am an ex-pert in watching all kinds of stuff.

If you only operate on the surface, surfing the waves of feelings and circumstances then… who cares, just fuck it.

But it deprives you of depth and sensitivity; it makes it hard to relax and trust your own body-mind.

All of it leaves imprints!

With love,

Life as Art…


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  1. Kevin2021 says:

    I agree with you Holger, about Netflix and the excitement on demand that it offers. Most anything taken in reason is o.k.. To abstain totally can be just as damaging as you open yourself to backlash. We all enjoy a movie. It’s when the movie stops being enjoyable yet we still feel compelled to watch because it’s become a habit, a diversion that cloaks for a while what has become the banality of life. Then Netflix, Facebook, food, travel etc..all offer the same escape. Except they don’t. Has anyone made a movie about this stuff?

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