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Dear Zoom Friends, …

The above photo is already 5 years old.
Tessa turns 9 next week… time goes by so quickly!

Why do I burden you with this email?
Could I be so free and blame it on God and say it is God’s will?

I don’t know, but I allow myself more and more to do what ‘feels’ right:
Why not to say hello, just because we are still here; because life is much broader than what thinking can process!

Zoom is really cool, especially with people who have a connection with Roger Castillo (or Rupert Spira, or maybe Mooji).

When Roger took a week-long break from the daily Satsangs, I went back every day into Zoom and met some beautiful people. So good to share, to ask questions, to listen, to feel…

To me it feels so good to have human contact that resonates in the heart, that goes deeper than the usual hi and bye.
Without expectation, without attachment, … it simply feels right, it nurtures and inspires.

Anyway, I don’t want to sell you anything, I don’t want to exploit you or use you. I am just aware that the Internet can be powerful to be connected, to feel more alive and inspired, to be able to reach out instead to be locked up in our little person.

“We are the current wave of humanity”… is something Mooji said some years ago.
I enjoy the belief that we are all connected, and what is being understood and released in one can affect all.

I am now 53, if I counted correctly, and I spent most of my life suffering!
Reading spiritual books, listening to cassette tapes and watching youtube clips was to some degree just a painkiller. It was only through human contact that so many insights came and contractions relaxed. From this perspective the covid lockdown and Roger’s generous daily Satsangs was much more than I could have ever imagined and asked for.

I still have moments of suffering and pain, but things are getting so much easier, while at the same time the content that comes up once in a while is more intense. But those old energies want to come out, and it’s getting easier and easier… Amazing how many years I spent being isolated and intimidated by my own thoughts and feelings. Hunting for pleasures, blaming the world, waiting and hoping for outer change…

Sorry for so many words; not to entertain you, not to create a new ego identity for myself… but I have the feeling we are all humans, what could we want other than “peace of mind in daily living, independent of circumstances”. It is so precious to be in Satsang.

Sometimes I hear a person share or ask something in Satsang, and I can deeply relate to that and might want to send an email or meet in Zoom.

In regard to this website: I fall short and make mistakes; I don’t claim that I mastered anything; on the contrary I am rather humbled in seeing that what I seeked for and longed for was always, is and will be always here and now.

Please let me know if anything here resonates? What can you envision for BeingTogether.Live?
Looking back at your own ordeal, is there anything to be known that would be worthwhile to clarify and share?

I am not looking for publicity or busyness. Maybe just a handful of friends would already be a gift… without agenda, without attachment, but to bravely share, to think together, to discover things we don’t know yet, to encourage, to clarify, to find support in case it would be needed.

Maybe all of this is still ego, an unaware resistance?
It will become clearer… please let me know.

With love,
Holger in California

PS: I live in a small apartment with Beth, my wife and our daughter Tessa.
There is lots of light, love and peace, but believe it or not I cannot (yet) speak with Beth about many things…


Please help me to improve this website (-; Holger@BeingTogether.Live

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